Stay onboard or run away?


Today a very good friend of mine, has found a great position in his field, It has been almost 2 years since he decided to quit out with his last company and has since been trying to find something different, even better…so first of all: Congratulations!

To be honest, when he told me he wanted to live his job, I thought he was insane. Picture this…in the middle of a financial crisis, with the highest rate of unemployment in Spain, it was a big and difficult decision.

So, let me ask you, when is the right moment to decide to leave a company? In my opinion you have to think of several aspects such as:

  • Are you still learning / improving in your career?
  • Are you comfortable with your boss, workmates and team?
  • Do you envisage any real possibility to grow or be promoted in your company?
  • Do you feel well valued within your organization?
  • Does the salary that you receive make up for your displeasure at work?


If you achieved 5 “No´s” you are in trouble, but don’t panic, you don´t  have to leave immediately, first be honest with yourself:

  • What have you done to improve at work?
  • Have you tried to speak with your boss in order to overcome this situation?
  • Are you still motivated at work and doing the task with the same passion as you started?

If you don’t analyse the problem not only  do you not resolve the situation in leaving your job, but also things go wrong when you realize in your future position that part of the fault was yours.

Don´t get me wrong, I do not want to be on the fence. This kind of decision sometimes is a “risky business” others are an opportunity like my friend has found, as Steve Jobs said…

steve jobs


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