Flexi- time, give up your fears!!

It is said that a flexi schedule is one of the main factors that the employees want when looking for a new job. Therefore it’s a HR tool that we can implement in our companies, or at least try to do it!

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In my opinion, companies have several doubts (even fears) about to giving freedom or even making flexible the regular timetable oftheir working day. One of the reasons could be that we don´t believe in our employees, we are afraid that without a fixed schedule it’s like giving to a prisoner the freedom in a prison, they’re going to take advantage of it, and going to leave the work undone. So let´s face it: we do not trust in our employees!!! (generally speaking)

So first of all, we have to believe in the professionalism of our employees, the majority are reliable, otherwise it’s our responsability, because as you must remember… we recruited them!! So let them work without more pressure and trust them.


Secondly, think of your business, for instance: What you do, when you need most of the staff, when they are not necessary, and so on…With this information, you can design a plan of flexible time.

Finally, begin with a small group, maybe you can choose some profiles or sections to test how it works and then implement  the rest of the company.

And remember, if the employees have the opportunity to manage their time, they will be more engaged with the company, and this will increase their performance.


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